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Tony Valsamidis


Saw your web page and found it interesting -- nice one! I also trained as a chemist, am of Greek origin in my early 40s, and have interests in maths, languages and astronomy, though my interests in football and Dr Who are now historical (!) - I wonder how many of us there are out there! I was lucky enough to see my first total eclipse with my family last year at Fécamp. I liked your account of the eclipse in Cornwall. I had thought about going near Godrevy, where I've been a few times, so it was interesting to know what it was like near there.

I lecture on database systems here at City University.

How did I get to your page? By searching for Highbury Grove school on Altavista, believe it or not. Who was the headmaster when you were there? Have you any connections with the place today? I was trying to find out what happened to an ex-colleague of mine, Pete Searl, who went to be head there in late 80's. Any information gratefully received.

Best regards

KryssTal Reply: Hello there

You mean I'm not unique?

When I was at Highbury Grove, Rhodes Boyson was head. I don't know Pete Searl. We did visit Godrevy but decided against it because the roads to it were narrow. I am a computer consultant in the City.


Roy Rivera

Hello there,

I was also there in General Santos during the eclipse, I was still very young. It was really spectacular, a once in a lifetime event indeed.

KryssTal Reply: Hello to you.

Glad you enjoyed one of nature's rarest phenomenon. Do you live there or did you go there?


Simon Ward

Hello Kryss

Myself and my wife are interested in travelling to Southern Africa in 2001 to view the total Solar eclipse. As someone who has travelled to view several eclipses in the past, I wondered whether I might ask you with whom you made your travel arrangements?

KryssTal Reply: Hello there

I'm probably not the person to ask. I simply take a flight with an open return, a few guide books and maps, and sort things out as I go along!!!!

You could contact Explorers Tours as they specialise in eclipse travel.

They are at

223 Copermill Road
TW19 5NW
Tel: 01753 680237

Everybody seems to be off to Zimbabwe but I quite fancy Zambia. Can't wait....


Mogens Friis Andersen

Dear Kryss

I have a description by a Mr. William Stukeley of an eclipse in May 1724 (he dates it the, but I don't think that's exactly right). He saw it from Haradon Hill, east of Stonehenge Avenue. Unfortunately it is not clear from the description whether the eclipse was total or partiel and I have not been able to find out elsewhere.

Can you help me?

KryssTal Reply: The eclipse you refer to was on 22 May 1724. It was total along the southern part of Ireland and South West England (except Cornwall but including Stonehenge). The duration of totality was 2:46 in England (4:33 max).

I hope this is useful.


Robin Saunders

I have been set a challenge and desparately need some assistance! Can you help?

The questions I need a clue on are:-

1) In which country this century did it's reigning monarch correctly predict a total eclipse?
2) Was it of the sun or moon?
3) In which town was it viewed from?

I would appreciate your help on this one please.

KryssTal Reply: Wow - what a set of questions. I've not heard of a monarch predicting an eclipse. Eclipses are predicted for hundreds of years in advanve in astronomical publications. I would be surprised if they missed one!

Solar eclipses are visible from a reasonable fraction of the Earth's surface while Lunar eclipses are visible from at least HALF of the Earth. An eclipse would therefore be visible from many towns assuming it was visible over land.

Finally, each year sees a minimum of 2 solar eclipses and a maximum of 5. With lunar eclipses the minimum number is 0 while the maximaum is 3. There are therefore hundreds of eclipses during a century.

Sorry I couldn't help more but the questions were too general.

Good luck with your quiz.



Hello Kryss.

I' ve seen your site and i like it very much. It's complete and interesting.

KryssTal Reply: Thank you for your kind comments

It's the only site where i found pictures of the landscape during the totality, and not only pictures of the sun....

KryssTal Reply: I agree - the changes in the scenery are as exciting as the eclipse itself.

I'm just 15 years old and i've seen my first eclipse during this summer, in Belgium, my country.

KryssTal Reply: You are very lucky

I had luck : during all the partial phase, the weather was horrible: clouds, rain, etc... But just before the totality the sun appeared and i saw it !!! I had seen a partial one in 1995, in Cambodia where i was living, at 80% but it was not the same.

KryssTal Reply: Where did you live in Cambodia? - I went there in 1992.

I'd like to see as much eclipses as i can, and i like your point of view : when you travel to countries so far, why stay there only for 5 minutes? Seeing how people from different cultures react, visiting the country is very interesting.

But i've got a question, how do you manage to travel so much? How do you find enough money? Enough time?

KryssTal Reply: I work with contract so I can travel when I want to.

I'd like to know more about how the people react during the totality, ceremonies they make etc.

KryssTal Reply: Each country is different

Could send me more pictures? Like pictures of ambiance during eclipse, people landscape etc?

KryssTal Reply: All my best photos are on the internet.

Try looking at Fred Espenak's site for more information, photos and links:

Good luck


Marcos A. Penaloza M.
Essex University
Institute for Environmental Research
Central Campus. Wivenhoe Park
Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ
England, U. K.

Dear Sir,

Ref. 1998 Total Solar Eclipse in Venezuela report in your web site:

In your report you state that:

The horizon was pink. A frigatebird circled overhead. In the distance car horns blared and people whooped. Fireworks were being let off. I heard an explosion and saw a rocket rise into the dark sky. And still my gaze returned to the wonderful sight of the totally eclipsed Sun sitting high in a dark sky flanked by two bright planets with a third closer to the horizon...

Can you tell me how strong were these fireworks at Playa El Pico? How many approximately were displayed? Can you estimate roughly the height of the rocket launched? Were these fireworks very luminous???

I was at Punta de Barco some miles away from this place, in the northeastern coast of the Paraguana peninsula, making photometric measurements, and I've got some strange signals precisely during the totality. Perhaps the photosensors caught some light from these fireworks, but I'm not sure. Can you help to assess this issue?

Thank you very much for your help.

KryssTal Reply: What an interesting question! All I noticed were a couple of rockets but I wasn't paying too much attention. I don't think they were very high or particularly luminous but cannot give any quantitative data.

Hope you enjoyed the eclipse as much as I did.



Hi Kryss.

Looks like you have a great constitution chasing eclipses around the World.

You are showing two eclipses on your web site for the year 2001 one is annular where can this eclipse be seen.

I know about the June 21st 2001 what is the interest for this eclipse, which is the favoured country and viewing site.

KryssTal Reply: Hello there, sorry about the delay - I was on holiday (yes I know November is late but I've been busy Y2k-ing.

The annular eclipse of 2001 is visible in the Pacific Ocean. If you check Fred Espenak's site (linked from my [eclipses] page) for details.

As for the total eclipse: probably Zambia or Zimbabwe.


Mark Lusk

I enjoyed your stories about your trips to see the total eclipse. I have never traveled to see one, but I wish that I could someday. I have seen a partial eclipse right here in my town of Galesburg, IL. in the U.S. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

KryssTal Reply: Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you do see an eclipse. We were clouded out on August 11th but it was still spectacular.


Leah Triesch

I am a student at UC Berkeley and I am doing research about the solar eclipse in June 2001. I am looking for information about the best places to view the eclipse and events that are happening because of the eclipse. I would appreciate any information that you could give me, including where you will be viewing the eclipse, other links, and other contacts. Thank you for your time.

KryssTal Reply: A good place to get information about all eclipses is Fred Espenak's site (below):

As for events, a total eclipse of the sun is an event in itself!

I would imagine that all the countries in the path of totality will arrange special activities but it's difficult to predict. Read my accounts of past eclipses that I've seen and you'll see what I mean.

I expect to be in Zambia at Kafue National Park. If not I will try Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

I hope this helps

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