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Turkish is an Altaic language spoken in Turkey, Cyprus and parts of Bulgaria.

Many words from this language are names of food items ("caviar", "yoghurt").

baklava   Sweet made from layered pastry, syrup and pistachio nuts.
bridge from 'bir uch', one three The card game.
caftan   Loose shirt. Also spelt with a K.
caviar   Pickled roe of a sturgeon fish.
kebab   Meat on a skewer. Different types: shish = skewer; donner = turning.
USA name for donner is 'giro'.
lackey from 'ulak', runner, courier  
tulip turban Bulbous flower shaped like a turban.
Urdu camp Because it was the language of military camps. The same root as 'horde'.
yoghurt   Curd made from fermented milk.

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