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Tupi is an Andean-Equatorial language spoken in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon.

Most words from this language are names of Amazonian plants and animals and their products.

buccaneer cure meat Pirate or adventurer.
cashew   Tropical tree with edible nut. One of many plant and animal words from Tupi.
cayenne   Pungent red powder used as a spice.
coati belt nose South American racoon like carnivore.
manioc   The flour of the tropical Cassava plant.
maraca   South American percussion instrument.
petunia   Violet or purple tropical plant.
piranha scissors Voracious South American fish.
tanager   A South American bird.
tapioca squeeze out dregs Grains from Cassava plant used for sweets.
tapir   South American mammal with proboscis.

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