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Dutch is an Indo-European language spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The two most common types of words from Dutch are sea-faring terms ("ballast", "skipper") and painting ("easel", "landscape"). A few food terms are also present. The rest of the words are very varied.

ahoy   Nautical greeting. One of many nautical terms from Dutch.
amidships   Middle of the ship.
avast hold fast Nautical term for 'stop'.
ballast   Heavy material used for giving a ship stability.
block   Pully system.
bluff boast  
boom   Part of a ship.
booze drink much alcohol  
boss master  
brandy burnt wine  
Brooklyn   A New York District - a former Dutch colony.
bully lover Originally a term of endearment.
bumpkin little barrel Rustic person.
bundle a binding Collection of items loosely fastened together.
bung stopper  
caboose   Originally a cooking room on a ship; later a guards' van on a train.
cackle   Loud silly laugh.
cam comb Part of a machine wheel.
coleslaw   European salad.
cookie little cake A type of biscuit in UK; a word for biscuit in USA.
cruise cross A method of sailing to and fro.
deck roof Platform of a ship.
decoy 'the cage' used for catching water fowl to entice
derrick   Formerly a scaffold; named after a Dutch hangman.
dock   Place where ships stop.
domineer to rule  
dot head of boil  
drill bore  
drug   Medical substance.
dyke wall A structure to keep water off the land.
easel   Wooden frame to support picture. One of many artistic terms from Dutch.
elope run away A couple running away to get married.
etch cause to eat An engraving.
flout hiss Mock or insult.
fop fool  
freight   Hire of ship for transporting goods.
frolic gladly  
fumble   Awkward use of hands.
gallop   Horse's fastest pace.
gherkin cucumber plural of 'gurk'
glib slippery  
grab   Seize suddenly.
gruesome to shudder  
guild tribute Society for mutual aid.
gulp   Swallow.
halibut holy flatfish A fish previously eaten on holidays.
Harlem   A New York District - a former Dutch colony.
heckle   Agressive interruption.
hoist   Raise aloft. A device used on houses in the Netherlands.
holster   leather case for pistol.
Hottentot stammerer A derogatory name for the San people from southern Africa.
hustle shake  
jeer   Tackle on ship.
kipper   A cured or smoked fish.
knack   Faculty for doing something.
knapsack bite sack Soldiers' leather bag.
ledger   Book for recording trade transactions.
loiter wag about  
lottery   Prizes won by chance.
maelstrom whirl stream; Great whirlpool.
manikin little man  
measles pustule An illness marked by red spots.
morass   A bog or marsh.
mumps   An illness marked by swelling of glands.
nib   Tip of a pen.
offal   Animal waste after slaughter.
ogle look at  
pamper   Overindulge.
pickle   Meat, fish or vegetables or stored in brine or vinegar.
plump shapeless  
poll counting by heads  
pump   Machine with piston that moves gas or liquid.
quack prattle A false doctor.
ramble wander about with sexual excitement Originally applied to animals.
rant rave  
roster list  
rover pirate  
rumple wrinkle  
Santa Claus   Dutch name for 'Father Christmas'.
scab   The same root as 'shabby'.
schooner boat  
scone fine bread  
scour clean  
sketch   Rough drawing.
skipper shipper Master of a small sea vessel. The same root as 'ship'.
sledge   Vehicle for travelling over snow. Used in UK.
sleigh   Vehicle for travelling over snow. Used in USA.
slurp   Drink noisily.
smuggle   Illegal import and export of goods.
snack   Casual meal.
snoop eat on the sly To pry.
snuff sniff Powdered tobacco.
snug   protected from the weather; originally a nautical term.
splice join ropes by interweaving  
spook ghost  
stoker   Person who feeds a fire.
stove   More used in USA; the UK word is usually 'cooker' or 'oven'.
suds marsh, swamp  
trawl drag net  
trigger pull  
tub   Small flat bottomed boat.
waffle   Small crisp butter cake.
yacht hunt  
Yankee   UK and Latin American Slang for USA citizen.
Zealand   Dutch region.

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