The Rhind Papyrus of Ahmose

(1680 BC - 1620 BC)

Egyptain Scribe and Mathematician

The Life and Work of Ahmose

Ahmose is famous for compiling the world's earliest mathematics book. It is called "Directions for Attaining Knowledgte of All Dark Things" and dates from around 1650 BC. This is preserved on a document called the Rhind Papyrus which has survived over 3500 years.

The work covers many topics including:

It is not known how much was original work by Ahmose and how much was older - he himself describes himself as a scribe. The work provides an excellent value of pi (256/81). Much of the mathematics was used in engineering and building.

The book worked through a number of problems that would show general principlas by repetition - there were no theorems or laws as in the later Greek mathematics.

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