The Acts of the Democracies





In the USA a group called the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba (co-chaired by our Secretaries of State and Commerce), presents a report to the USA president on how to bring Cuba under USA control after the death of the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

The plan involves privatising Cuba's public services, including communications, electric power, transport, mining, industry, agriculture and medical services.

The report recommends the continuing destabilisation of Cuba including radio and television propaganda currently supplied by illegal flights over Cuban, the denying of hard currency to the country by a tightening of the long-running blockade, the fining foreign banks which deal in Cuba transactions, punishing and rewarding foreign governments which increase or decrease trade with Cuba, and the tightening with increased punishment for travel to the country. The destabilisation is funded with $80 million per year.

The report fails to mention the social systems that currently exist in Cuba as well as the effects of the USA blockade on Cubans. The Cubans themselves are treated as helpless children in the report with no thought given to their wishes. The plan talks of setting up a Cuban Transition Government (a puppet government). The puppet government will request help from the USA. Reconstruction will be funded by a loan from the International Monetary Fund as well as international (mainly USA) investment.

The report makes allegations that Cuba and Venezuela have been meddling in other Latin American countries' internal affairs (which is ironic coming from the USA). No country from the region has complained of meddling by Cuba and the report offers no evidence to support the allegation. Cuba does in fact send doctors, nurses and teachers to help people in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, but only with their governments' permission.

After a century of USA corporate exploitation, some of the countries in South America are becoming independent nations. Cuba stands as an example that countries can survive and prosper outside of the USA controlled global system.

The USA votes against the ending of the financial embargo against Cuba in the United Nations.

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