The Acts of the Democracies





The USA aid agency, the International Rescue Committee, announces that 4,700,000 people have died in the civil war in Congo between 1999 and 2003. Rape, murder, torture and other human rights abuses have been commonplace during this war.

Rwanda and Uganda both have troops involved in the conflict. Both countries receive more than half their budgets in aid from the UK. Other countries involved in the conflict (Angola, Namibia, Burundi) have been sold $16 million worth of weapons by the UK.

The under-reported war is being fought over the control of the country's resources: diamonds, gold and oil. Many Western companies are profiting from the conflict including: Barclays Bank, Anglo American, De Beers (both mining companies), Avient, Das Air, and Oryx Natural Resources.

A United Nations report detailing the plunder of wealth from the Congo was censored after pressure from several Western governments.

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