The Acts of the Democracies




UK Conflicts of Interest

The UK company, British Aerospace sells assault rifles, grenade launchers and missiles to Turkey. Many of these are used against Kurdish dissidents and separatists.

One of the directors of this company, Robin Biggam, is also Chairman of the Independent Television Commission in the UK, a government appointment. The Commission revokes the licence of Med TV, a Kurdish satellite television station after pressure from Turkey.

The elected government in the UK appoints many heads of industry to control the activities of companies:

Name Industrial Position Government Position
Lord Marshall
Chairman: British Airways
Campaigns against taxes on aviation fuel.
President: Confederation of British Industry
Campaigns against taxes on corporations.
Head: Government Energy Review
Looks at taxation to help reduce global warming.
Lord Sainsbury
Chairman: J Sainsbury PLC
A large supermarket criticised for its anti-competitive practices.
Founder: Sainsbury Laboratory
A centre for genetic engineering research.
Minister: Department of Trade and Industry
Responsible for regulating competition policy and funding research centres.
Lord Simon
Chairman: British Petroleum
Campaigns against oil taxation.
Minister: Trade and Industry
Responsible for the UK's energy policy.
Jack Cunningham
Paid Adviser: Albright & Wilson (UK) Ltd
Agrochemical company that lobbies for the deregulation of pesticides.
Secretary of State: Agriculture
Responsible for biotechnology and policy on pesticide resistant crops.
John Bowman
Director: Commercial Union
Named by the UK Treasury for mis-selling 7900 pensions.
Board Member: Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
Protects pensioners from being exploited.
Dr Paul Leinster
Director: Smithkline Beecham
Company which has polluted streams in southern England.
Head: Environmental Protection
Has proposed that companies should monitor their own pollution.
Justin McCracken
Managing Director: ICI Katalco
Heavy polluter with cancer-inducing and hormone-disrupting chemicals.
Regional Manager: Environmental Agency
Responsible for the environment.
Dinah Nichols
Director: Anglian Water PLC
Fined 6 times in 1999 for pollution incidents.
Director General: Department of Environment
Responsible for the environment.
Ian McAllister
Managing Director: Ford UK
Lobbies against reduction of carbon dioxide, lead, and sulphur emissions from cars. Lobbies against the removal of lead from petrol and against the installation of catalytic converters on vehicles.
Chairman: Cleaner Vehicles Task Force
Responsible for advising the UK Government about cleaner cars policy.
Chris Fay
Chairman: Shell UK
Pollutes heavily in the UK and has been responsible for polluting Ogoni land in Nigeria.
Chairman: Business and the Environment
Advises the UK Government about the environment.
Brian Riddleston
Chief Executive: Celtic Energy
Open cast mining company that destroyed Selar Grasslands, a site of scientific interest and home to rare plant and butterfly species.
Member: Countryside Council for Wales
Responsible for looking after sites of scientific interest.
Sue Clifton
Executive: Group 4
Security company which runs children's gaols (jails). These have been criticised for their handling of inmates.
Adviser: Youth Justice Board
Advises the UK Government about the handling of young offenders.
David Steeds
Director: Serco Group PLC
One of the more successful bidders of privately financed government projects.
Chief Executive: Private Finance Panel
Responsible for selecting companies to run government projects.
Tony Edwards
Director: TI Group
Sells machine tools for military use in 150 countries.
Head: Defence Export Services Organisation
Advises UK government about licensing sales of military goods around the world.
Ewen Cameron
President: Landowners Association
Campaigns against the right of the public to roam in the countryside.
Chairman: Countryside Agency
Responsible for implementing the right to roam.
Peter Doyle
Executive Director: Zeneca Group PLC
Pollutes heavily in the UK with solid toxic waste.
Member: Business and the Environment
Advises the UK Government about the environment.
Prof Nigel Poole
Manager: Zeneca Group PLC
Has had 6 genetically modified organisms approved for release into the environment.
Member: Releases to the Environment
Advises the UK Government about the releases of genetically modified organisms into the environment.
Prof Peter Schroeder
Research Director: Nestlé
Has pushed powdered milk to poorer nations to the detriment of the heath of babies.
Director: Institute of Food Research
Advises the UK Government about the quality of food.

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