The Acts of the Democracies




USA and Cuba

The USA vetoes a United Nations resolution that calls on it to end its embargo on Cuba. This is the eighth year running that such a resolution has been vetoed by the USA. The actual votes have been:

Year      Votes         Against
1992 59 to 2 USA, Israel
1993 88 to 4 USA, Israel, Albania, Paraguay
1994 101 to 2 USA, Israel
1995 117 to 3 USA, Israel, Uzbekistan
1996 138 to 2 USA, Israel, Uzbekistan
1997 143 to 2 USA, Israel, Uzbekistan
1998 157 to 2 USA, Israel
1999 155 to 2 USA, Israel

The USA president, Bill Clinton states that "Cuba is the only non democracy in the Western Hemisphere". This is in spite of the fact that Cuba has none of the systematic death squad activities and military control of USA client states like El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Haiti and Honduras. The USA and the media refer to these countries as "fledgling democracies".

In addition, education and health care are better in Cuba than in most other country's in the region. As Clinton admits "both of which work better than in most other countries".

Left alone, without years of USA destabilisation and economic sabotage, Cuba may have been a beacon to other countries in the region. This is the real threat of Fidel Castro's regime.

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