The Acts of the Democracies





The World Health Organisation (WHO) publishes a report about poverty.

It states that poverty is the leading cause of premature death and sickness in the world. The gap between rich and poor is the widest it has been since records began. 30% of the world's children suffer from hunger; 50% of the world's population is denied access to medical care. Countries with debt are forced to export food and other cash crops while their population starve.

The USA threatens to withdraw funding from the WHO if it monitors the effects of trade conditions on health.

A report from UNICEF says that 500,000 children die every year because of debt repayment.

In the Philippines this amounts to a child dying every hour. Half of the country's budget is used to pay interest on loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Many of these loans were taken out by unelected authoritarian regimes supported by the West.

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