The Acts of the Democracies




Israel and Palestine

The Israel parliament approves building settlements (colonies) in East Jerusalem. This area had been annexed by Israel in 1980 after it had been occupied in 1967. This annexation and the building of settlements are both considered illegal by the United Nations and violate Geneva Conventions on occupied territory.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu outlines a plan in the Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, for annexing 60% of the West Bank including Greater Jerusalem, hills east of the city, the Jordan Valley, the 145 settlements and all roads connecting them as well as the West Bank water supply.

Hamas writes a letter to Netanyahu, via King Hussein of Jordan, offering dialogue, with the king as mediator. The Israeli response is an attempted assassination of a Hamas leader in Jordan.

The USA vetoes two United Nations resolutions that call on Israel to cease construction of settlements in East Jerusalem and the other occupied territories. One of the votes was by 130 to 2 (USA and Israel).

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