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Global Climate Coalition

The Global Climate Coalition, GCC, (set up in 1989) is a public relations (PR) company created and financed by a group of Western multinational corporations including: Arco, Dow Hydrocarbons, Exxon, Philips, Texaco, General Motors, BP, DuPont, Ford, Chrysler, Daimler, and Shell.

The GCC attempts to discredit scientific research on global warming even resorting to personally attacking some of the scientists themselves.

In the run up to the Kyoto Summit (about climate change) the GCC spends $13 million to oppose any reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. A series of damaging stories against one of the leading scientists working on global warming (Ben Santer) are released by the GCC and published by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal in the USA.

John Grasser of the GCC would later assert at the Kyoto Summit:

"We think we have raised enough questions among the American public to prevent any numbers, targets or timetables to achieve reductions in gas emissions being achieved here. What we are doing, and we think successfully, is buying time for our industries by holding up these talks."

The USA (which emits 25% of the world's carbon dioxide) states that it would like to see more action by "developing nations".

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