The Acts of the Democracies




USA Companies in Haiti

The Superior Baseball Plant in Haiti, pays its workers $0.38 for every 12 baseballs sown. These are made for the USA. By subcontracting, American companies can evade responsibility for local conditions. The journalist, John Pilger described the conditions:

"...girls stooped in front of whirring, hissing, binding machines. Many had swollen eyes and lacerated arms. There was no protection and a large man barked orders at them."

Workers making Micky Mouse and Pocahontas pyjamas for Disney are paid $0.12 per hour.

In addition to being a cheap manufacturing base for the USA, Haiti's sugar, bauxite (an ore of Aluminium), sisal (a fibre from a leaf) are all controlled by USA companies. This is the main reason behind the 1994 USA invasion of Haiti although the American president, Bill Clinton, said it was because of "unacceptable human rights violations that shame our hemisphere."

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