The Acts of the Democracies





In Colombia, the Andean Commission of Jurists reports that between 1988 and 1992, 9,500 people were assassinated for political reasons, 830 political activists disappeared and 313 peasants were massacred.

A report by the Belgium based Latin American Inquiry states that Colombia has declared total war against "the internal enemy". The report describes the enemy as:

"labour organizations, popular movements, indigenous organizations, oppositional political parties, peasant movements, intellectual sectors, religious currents, youth and student groups, neighborhood organizations."

A Colombian military manual suggests that: "Every individual who in one or another manner supports the goals of the enemy must be considered a traitor and treated in that manner." Colombia's military is funded by the USA under the pretext of fighting drugs.

Over 1000 members of the Patriotic Union (the only independent political party) have been killed by death squads since its founding in 1985.

In Colombia, 3% of the population own over 70% of arable land while 57% of the poorest farmers subsist on under 3%.

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