The Acts of the Democracies




Israel and Palestine

In Israel, troops open fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Jerusalem killing 21 and injuring 150.

An Israeli soldier shoots and kills 7 labourers at Oyon Qara; 13 Palestinians are killed while demonstrating against the killings.

The USA vetoes a United Nations resolution to send three UN Security Council observers into the area.

The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture publishes a full page advertisement in newspapers saying:

"It is difficult to conceive of any political solution consistent with Israel's survival that does not involve complete, continued Israeli control of the water and sewerage systems [of the occupied territories], and of the associated infrastructure, including the power supply and road network, essential to their operation, maintenance and accessibility."

Israeli warplanes bomb a house in Siddiqine (Lebanon) killing 3 people.

A Save The Children report criticises Israel for its treatment of children in the occupied territories. The report documents the "indiscriminate beating, tear gassing, and shooting of children". The average age of the victims was 10 years old. In 80% of cases where children are shot, the Israeli forces prevent the victim from receiving medical attention. It concludes that 50,000 children required medical treatment for gun-shot wounds, tear gas inhalation and broken bones (often multiple fractures). Many children die after being shot by snipers in the head or heart.

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