The Acts of the Democracies





Michael DeVine, an American businessman living in Guatemala, stumbles on the military's drug trafficking activities. He is kidnapped and killed. In response, USA president, George Bush Sr, cuts off military aid to Guatemala and publicly criticises the regime.

Secretely, Bush continues to send CIA funds to the military to allow them to continue their activities, and strengthens the ties between the CIA and the Guatemalan military. USA media refer to Guatamela as a "fledgling democracy".

During a single month 125 people are killed by government death squads. Between 1985 and 1990 poverty in Guatemala increased from 45% to 70%. In rural areas 13 out of every 100 children die under the age of 5 from illnesses due to malnutrition. 20,000 people die of hunger every year. 100 children die of measles during the first four months of the year. Archbishop Rivera y Damas states that the Guatemalan regime admired by the USA "is working to maintain the system favouring a market economy which is making the poor yet poorer".

The International Human Rights Federation reports that 300 children are kidnapped every year, taken to secret nurseries and sold for adoption at $ 10,000 per child. A human farm is found containing children between the ages of 11 days to 4 months. The director of the farm admits that the children "were sold to American or Israeli families whose children needed organ transplants at the cost of $ 75, 000 per child".

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