The Acts of the Democracies




USA Vetos in UN

The USA vetoes a number of United Nations resolutions:

Two resolutions calling for all states to observe international law: one condemning USA support for the Contra army in Nicaragua, the other condemning the USA's illegal embargo of Nicaragua (only Israel votes with the USA); opposing the acquisision of territory by force (151 to 3 with Israel and Dominica).

A resolution calling for the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict based on previous United Nations resolutions calling for recognised borders, security and self determination for the Palestinians.

Between 1970 and 1990, the USA used its United Nations veto 58 times. This is more than any other country possessing a veto (USA, The Soviet Union (USSR), UK, France, China). The UK is second in its use of the veto.

This is reported in the USA newspaper, The Washington Post, as follows: "During the Cold War years, the Soviet veto and the hostility of many Third World nations made the United Nations an object of scorn to many American politicians and citizens."

The UK television station, BBC, reports that "Time and time again during the Cold war, the Kremlin used its veto to protect its interests from the threat of UN intervention". The Kremlin is the seat of government of the USSR.

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