The Acts of the Democracies




Children and World Poverty

The World Health Organisation (WHO) publishes a report that receives minimal attention from the Western media.

The report states that 11 million children die every year in the poorer countries from easilly preventiable causes like diarrhea (4 million, most of which could be saved by salt and sugar tablets costing less than $1) and infectious diseases (3 million, which could be vaccinated at a cost of $10 each).

The USA opposes an increase in aid to poorer countries to 0.2% of Gross National Product (GNP).

In 1989, poorer countries pay the rich countries $ 42,900 million more in debt repayments than they recieve in aid. This is an increase of $ 5,000 million from the previous year. Many of these debts were incurred by unelected governments supported, armed and sometimes put in place by the West. The people of these countries end up paying the debt with their lives.

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