The Acts of the Democracies




Israel, USA and Palestine

In a meeting in Algeria, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) recognises and accepts the existence of the State of Israel. It accepts all United Nations resolutions going back to 1947 and declares its abandonment its claim to all of historical Palestine.

The PLO declares the independence of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The declarations are rejected by Israel and Palestine continues under Israeli occupation.

The USA vetoes two separate United Nations resolutions condemning Israeli practices against Palestinians in the occupied territories. In 1989 three more similar resolutions are vetoed by the USA. The PLO wishes to appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations but the leader, Yasser Arafat is refused a visa by the USA despite being recognised by over 60 countries. The Assembly meeting is moved to Geneva (Switzerland)

Israel assassinates Abu Jihad, the second in command of the PLO in Tunis (Tunisia). The action was commanded by future Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak from a naval vessel in the Meditteranean.

Hamas is founded, dedicated to reclaiming all of historical Palestine for a Muslim nation. The organisation is funded by Israel in an attempt to weaken the secular PLO.

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