The Acts of the Democracies




Coup in Fiji

Dr. Timoci Bavadra defeats the pro USA Prime Minister, Ratu Slr Kamese Mara, in Fiji after free elections. The new government supports a nuclear free South Pacific which is welcomed by the regional populace but opposed by the USA. The USA wanted its nuclear powered ships to use the country's ports.

32 days after this victory, Dr. Bavadra is overthrown by the pro-nuclear General Sitiveni Rabuka, with the help of the USA. For the first time in the history of the country, cases of illegal detention and torture are reported by Amnesty International.

The coup was greeted by a Pentagon source in the USA who told the Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald: "We're kinda delighted... All of a sudden our ships couldn't go to Fiji, and now all of a sudden they can".

In 1972 when a previous Fijian government had attempted to bar nuclear ships, the USA ambassador, William Bodde, had stated that: "a nuclear free zone would be unacceptable to the USA given our strategic needs... The USA must do everything possible to counter this movement".

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