The Acts of the Democracies





In Chad, the government of President Habré kills hundreds of villagers in the south of the country. Victims are tortured, burned alive or poisoned.

A report from Amnesty International states:

"According to survivors, some of the most common forms of torture were electric shocks, near-asphyxia, cigarette burns and having gas squirted into the eyes. Sometimes, the torturers would place the exhaust pipe of a vehicle in their victim's mouth, then start the engine. Some detainees were placed in a room with decomposing bodies, other suspended by their hands or feet, others bound hand and foot. Two other common techniques consisted of gripping the victim's head between two small sticks joined by cords, which were twisted progressively, and leaving the detainees to starve."

This regime is supported, trained and financed by France and the USA.

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