The Acts of the Democracies




USA and Uruguay

Alejandro Otero, the former Chief of Police Intelligence of Uruguay admits that the USA trained Uruguayan police officers to torture political prisoners in the 1960s.

In an interview in the Brazilian newspaper, Jornal do Brazil, the former Chief says that Dan Mitrione (from the USA Office of Public Safety) built a soundproof room in the cellar of his house in Montevideo. He assembled a group of police officers and had four beggars rounded up as subjects. Mitione demonstrated the effect of different voltages on different parts of the body. All four died. Mitrone is quoted as telling the officers: "When you get what you want, and I always get it, it may be good to prolong the session a little to apply another softening up. Not to extract information now, but only as a political measure, to create a healthy fear of medling in subversive activities."

Mitrone had previously been assigned in Brazil where he taught police how to use electric shock to torture victims without killing them.

In 1998 retired Uruguayan naval admiral, Eladio Moll, would explain: "The guidance that was sent from the USA was that what had to be done with the captured guerrillas was to get information, and that afterwards they didn't deserve to live".

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