The Acts of the Democracies




South Vietnam

The police in South Vietnam, trained by the USA'a CIA, arrest and torture the local population in the hunt for "communists" and supporters of the National Liberation Front (NLF). The NLF were fighting for the liberation of the country from the USA backed government. One detainee is Thien Thi Tao who is arrested while a student aged 18:

"Like most students I hated the American backed regime, especially for bringing a foreign army to Vietnam. It is true I did work for the NLF and I was prepared to fight for them. We all respected them. The police demanded that I hand over NLF names; when I refused I was strung upside down and electrocuted, and my head was held in a bucket of water. Then I was sent to Cong Song Island and put in what they called the tiger cages. You couldn't stand up in them and, anyway, my legs were shackled; and every day they threw quicklime down on me. They had a place that was full of cow and pig excrement, and for no reason they'd put you in it and leave you. This was known as the coffin."

The USA CIA sets up Operation Phoenix which uses torture on opponents: electric shock to genitals, insertion of implements into ears, and throwing victims out of helicopters.

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