The Acts of the Democracies




Elections in South Korea

Rigged elections in South Korea (a country armed and supported extensively by the USA) cause riots. The American backed Park Chung-Hee, an army general, takes power in a military coup.

Park's security forces favour the water torture, which leaves no physical marks on the victim. Cold water is forced up the nostrils through a tube, while a cloth is placed in the victim's mouth to prevent breathing. One victim tells Amnesty International:

".. my hands tied together, and I was tied to a chair. I was not allowed to have any sleep. At night, they would drag me to the basement where they would beat me with a long, heavy stick, and jump on me. They were trying to make me confess that I was a spy."

Park Chung Hee would be assassinated by his own security forces in 1979.

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