Evolution of Writing and Scripts

The Evolution of
Syllabaries and Alphabets

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Evolution of Scripts

Greek Alphabet Hebrew Alphabet Alphabet Alphabet and Numbers Amharic Syllabary Aramaic Script Armenian Alphabet Bengali Syllabary and Numbers Brahmi Syllabary Burmese Syllabary and Numbers Chinese Characters Coptic Alphabet Sanskrit Syllabary Etruscan Alphabet Georgian Alphabet Gujarati Syllabary and Numbers Punjabi Syllabary and Numbers Hindi Syllabary and Numbers Latin Alphabet (Roman and Modern) Phoenician Alphabet Cyrillic Alphabets Syriac Alphabet Tamil Syllabary Telegu Syllabary Thai Syllabary and Numbers Tibetan Syllabary Ugarit Alphabet Mongolian Alphabet and Numbers Lao Syllabary and Numbers Sinhalese Syllabary Malayalam Syllabary Khmer Syllabary and Numbers Kanarda Syllabary and Numbers Javanese Syllabary Cham Syllabary Oriya Syllabary and Numbers Runic Alphabet Maldivian Alphabet Mayan Glyphs Korean Alphabet Chinese Pictograms Japanese Alphabets Cuniform Nastaliq Alphabet

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