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Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken in South India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.

The most "Indian" of words from Tamil is "curry", eaten all the time in the UK.

anaconda having killed an elephant Large constrictor snake.
cash money  
catamaran bound wood Raft made of bound logs.
corundum ruby Hard crystal used as an abrasive.
curry sauce Spicy Indian meal.
mango   Tropical fruit.
mulligatawny pepper and water Highly seasoned Indian soup.
pariah drummer An outcast.
poppadom   Crispy Indian starter.

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A Dravidian language spoken in South India.

A Dravidian language spoken in South India.

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The languages of southern India (in contrast to the Indo-European languages of northern India). Tamil is the best known of these languages.

Tamil has its own distinct writing system.