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Russian is an Indo-European language spoken in Russia, the Baltic states and large parts of Central Asia.

Russian words have entered the English language from various periods of Russian history: the Russian Empire period ("troika", "tsar") and the Soviet period ("soviet", "cosmonaut").

balalaika   Russian stringed instrument.
bistro fast Small bar or restaurant.
cosmonaut   Russian astronaut.
dacha villa  
intelligentsia   Class of intellectuals.
mammoth   Large extinct wooly relation to elephant.
pogrom destroy Organised racial killing spree.
rouble   Russian currency.
samovar self boil  
soviet council As in 'Soviet Union', an old name for Russia.
steppe   Treeless grassy plain.
troika three Russian vehicle drawn by three horses.
tsar   The king of Russia. Same root as 'Caesar'.
vodka little water Russian drink.

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