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Provençal is an Indo-European language spoken in Southern France.

Words from this language include many entertainment terms ("ballad", "minstrel").

Many terms now thought of as being "French" are from Provençal. Examples include food items ("escargot", "truffle") and clothes ("beret", "boutique").

A significant number of Provençal words end in -AD or -ADE.

amour   Love affair.
ballad dancing song One of many entertainment words from Provencal.
beret   Flat, round hat.
boutique small shop Shop selling fashionable clothes.
cabin   Amall dwelling or crew compartment.
capstan   Device for winding cable.
cavalier horseman  
charade conversation A word guessing game.
cocoon little shell Silky case spun by insects.
crusade cross Religious Middle Ages war between Christian and Muslim.
escargot   An edible snail.
fig   A type of fruit.
Harlequin   A pantomime character.
limousine   Named after its place of origin.
lingo tongue Language.
mascot little witch  
minstrel musician Travelling singer or musician.
nougat nut Sweet of sugar, honey, egg-white and nuts.
nutmeg   A spice.
pilgrim foreign  
sonnet little song  
troubadour compose Lyric poet from 11th - 13th century France.
truffle   Edible fungus.

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