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Mandarin is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in most of China as well as Taiwan, Singapore and parts of Malaysia.

char tea Used in UK slang as in 'a cup of char'.
China middle country Asian country. Also used for porcelain in UK.
feng shui wind, water  
ginseng image of man Root of medicinal plant which is forked.
Japan rising sun Asian country.
kowtow bump head Showing respect.
kung fu merit master A martial art.
mahjong   the game
sampan three sails A three sailed boat.
shanghai on the sea In the old days men would be 'shanghaied' - forced to serve in the navy.
tofu spoiled bean from 'dou fu', a soya bean extract
typhoon big wind Violent Asian storm. The Atlantic Ocean version is called a 'hurricane'.
yin and yang   Opposite characteristics.

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