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Malay is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. The language is also called Indonesian.

The words from this language include names of plants, fruits and animals ("bamboo", "gecko", "orang-utan") and clothing terms ("batik", "sarong").

agar seaweed Gelatenous substance for growing bacteria or fungus.
amok rushing in frenzy As in 'to run amok'.
bamboo   One of many plant, fruit and animal words from Malay.
bantam   A small aggressive cock named after a region in Java.
batik painted A Javanese method of dying cloth. One of several clothing words from Malay.
caddy   As in 'tea caddy'.
cockatoo   A type of parrot.
compound enclosure  
gamelan   Orchestra made of percussion instruments.
gecko   Insect eating lizard.
gingham   Striped or checked cotton cloth.
gong   Metal disc used in percussion.
junk   The sailing vessel.
launch quick A type of boat.
mangosteen   A tropical fruit.
orang-utan man of the forest Large orange Asian ape.
paddy   An area for growing rice.
pangolin   A scaly ant-eater.
rambutan   A tropical fruit.
rattan   Climbing palm used for making furniture.
sago   Palm starch used for puddings.
sarong   A cloth wrapped around the lower body.
satay   Meat grilled on sticks and dipped in peanut sauce.

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