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Japanese is an Altaic language spoken in Japan.

Many words from this language denote martial arts ("judo", "karate") and food ("sushi", "satsuma").

bonsai planted in a tray A type of tree.
futon   Sofa that converts into a bed.
geisha   Hostess, entertainer, or prostitute.
hara-kiri belly cutting A method of committing suicide. One of many such terms from Japanese.
honcho squad leader Slang used in USA.
ju-jitsu gentle science A type of unarmed combat.
judo gentle way A martial art. One of many such terms from Japanese.
kamikaze divine wind World War II pilots who crashed their planes laden with explosives.
karaoke   Singing popular songs with recorded musical backing.
karate empty hand A type of unarmed combat.
kendo sword way Combat with a sword.
ninja   Japanese warrior.
origami   Japanese art of folding paper into intricate designs.
rickshaw man power vehicle  
sake rice wine  
samurai   Japanese military officer.
satsuma   A type of orange named after a province in Japan.
shogun great general Japanese hereditary officer.
soy   A bean used as a meat substitute.
sumo   Japanese wrestling.
sushi   A meal of cold rice sometimes garnished with raw fish.
tatami   A mat for sleeping on.
tsunami harbour wave Also known incorrectly as a 'tidal wave'.
tycoon great lord Wealthy businessman.

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A family spread from Europe (Turkish) through Centra Asia (Uzbek), Mongolia (Mongolian), to the Far East (Korean, Japanese). These languages have the interesting property of vowel harmony.

Japanese uses Chinese characters but also has its own writing system.