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Algonquin is a member of the Algonquian family of language spoken in North America.

Several names of animals are borrowed from this language. There are five states of the USA. Also here are many of the words used in stereotypical depictions of the "Red Indians" (bad phrase) of North America (especially in USA made films).

caribou   A type of reindeer.
caucus advisor Political committee.
Massachusetts place near the big little hills USA state.
Missouri town of the large canoes USA state.
Oregon beautiful water USA state.
pecan   A type of nut.
racoon   Nocternal animal.
terrapin   A freshwater tortoise.
tomahawk   Originally an axe weapon - now a missile.
wigwam their house Native American dwelling.
Wisconsin grassy place USA state.
Wyoming place of the big flats USA state.

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