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Daniel Stent

Dear fellow fan

i would like your opinion on the late Jon Pertwee's The Mutants. I taped it off UK GOLD on Sky [TV] quite a while back and was confused on the story's plot wheather you have seen it or not could you possibly give me your opinion.

KryssTal Reply: I'm sorry but that's one story I don't know. I followed the good Doctor through his first two incarnations and I have all the available videos from that era. The other Doctors, I only know the stories out on video and a few that I have read.

I missed it on UK Gold because I have an aversion to paying for anything owned by Rupert Murdoch!


Dan McGinn-Combs


No pictures of the companions!

At least Peri and Nyssa! :-)

KryssTal Reply: I wasn't that keen on Peri (she whined too much), but one day I will stick a photo of Nyssa. Meanwhile, I only have Barbara, one of the earliest companions.

Thanks for your attention.


Peter Wood
Peter's Doctor Who Vortex:

On your First Doctor Webpage; you said: First time the Doctor is referred to as 'Dr Who'. On the War Machines. This is wrong (I think). The First time he was called Dr Who was in the Daleks.

(I'm 75% sure)

KryssTal Reply: That gives me a great excuse to watch it again - cheers!


Jason Helton

Hi there,

Sweet web page, but on your companions portion, you mentioned K-9 as the only mechanical companion. This is incorrect as you are forgetting Kamileon, who was only there for 2 stories. I forget which episodes he was in.

KryssTal Reply: Thanks for the comments - I'll correct it.


Joe Spencer

You have created a great site/resource for Dr Who and companions. Thank you. I have used it for reference many times.

I was wondering ..I have been trying to remember an episode I saw once about an old trashed city in the future where the people were divided up into "gangs" and the gangs were by colors. blue, yellow etc. Can't quite remeber the plot line or WHO the doctor was (either 4 or 7 I think)

KryssTal Reply: Thanks for your kind comments. The story you ask about sounds like Paradise Towers (7th Doctor).

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