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Hi there!

I read your site about Astronomy & Astrology. I'm doing a research paper for school about astrology (origins & western beliefs) and I would like to quote your site in my research. Now my question is: What are your credentials?

In other words, where did you get all this info and how are your comments credible?

KryssTal Reply: Sylvia

Ideas do not depend on the credentials of the person writing about them. All ideas stand or fall on their own merits depending on the evidence. Always check the evidence no matter who tells you anything. Question and be sceptical. That is healthy.

You are welcome to use my article. Good luck with your project. I have been studying the subjects for 30 years.


Kelly Sparks

Can you please tell me when the sun will set on June 24th [2002] and when the full moon will rise?

Thank You.

KryssTal Reply: Hello Kelly,

The time of sunset and moon rise depend on your latitude. Can you tell me (roughly) where you are?

Thank you for your reply, We are in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

KryssTal Reply: Hello Kelly.

Your latitude is roughly 36 degrees north of the equator. I have figures for 35 degrees so there will be a difference of a minute or two.

I can give you the local time of sunset which will ignore "daylight saving time" which is decided locally. Also your country has TIME ZONES which are 1 hour in width. I am assuming you are near the centre of your time zone. If not the local time could be 30 minutes out from the official time!

The LOCAL TIME for sunset will be at 19:18 on 23rd and 24th of June 2002. This is roughly the same each year. The moon's rising time is different each year. On 24the June 2002 the moon will rise at 19:13.

Expect the moon to rise virtually at sunset from your location.

Hope this is OK.


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